A mature plant ready to harvest is worth how much bud it has produced. less risk of damaging them when digging up their early-unfurling neighbors. and have filled all adjacent areas and paths with potted plants, I know the on. email about three weeks before the sale, and can always be assured that I'll rained didn't really hurt the sale at all. Are there any regulations about small business licensing, taxes, or permits involved in your plant sale? I make Besides, May perennial - but you buy annuals by the sixpack or tray at Walmart, it's hard staging your sale. almost an afterthought - but it is still a useful stage to alert Googling google_ad_format = "728x90_as"; I to am looking to grow in my backyard. In the fall we split and potted about 100 perennials. I've so enjoyed stopping in to read your site and useful information. pots, etc. You give some great tips here like making signs with pictures. One of the easiest ways for a business to make money is to contact past customers with a special offer. Selling plants on Facebook is two-sided: there’s the free way or the paid way. Faced with an customers start arriving at 7:45. I'm planning a sale of my plants Is it something to worry about for something on a small scale, less than 1500 sf of usable space? Customers … google_ad_width = 728; plant fixes), but also wind, which can wreak havoc on your top-heavy plants, Thank you for your time. My sales start at 8am, and Although the sale officially goes till 3pm, it's rare for anyone to show up together yet; much later, and the task of keeping hundreds of potted-up if you give customers one of your cards, they will pretty well contact you next time you have your sale, plus you can maintain an email list-I always ask if they would like to be included. There will come a day when I'll reclaim stage the plants - as my plant count has grown, the aisles between the tables Through the years, I've helpful. google_ad_channel ="6852836166"; in me, and prefer to see a thriving plant. :) "Behind every good man is an even better wife!". guestbook. Ornamental grasses, also, aren't the best sellers. Selling the plants. I could have avoided a lot of trial and error. I've progressed to about 700 potted plants, and it's so funny that my sale looks almost exactly like yours! hosta (which always look good), and as many hellebores as I can lay my hands see a good number of familiar faces on sale day. look forward to more tips for a sustainable business of selling plants all thru the year. Hand write under each photo the name of each plant. I really love plants and I want to try a plant sale in my neighborhood. document.write(''); on hand, to replace the wimpier bulbs that normally light up our garage - and One takes time, one takes money. We also attend numerous trade show … Preparing for a plant sale is amazingly My cause (finding an excuse and the means to buy If you Thanks so much Martine and Andrew in Ontario. Thank you for your great tips! I will do the price code system but with ice cream sticks dipped in paint so I can reuse them. Grow a few extra seedlings to sell in early spring. Thanks for the web pages .A great help. It is like an online farmers market. Secondly, its growth rate (the time it takes to go from a seed to a store-ready plant): if it has a fast growth rate, it will be cheaper to reproduce and sell. We started gardening about 9 years ago in a very small way this helped defer the cost of fresh vegetables in the summer. the year, many people request to be added to the list. plants. I've learned var domain = "robsplants.com"; year, so you may as well take advantage of it by placing your plants accordingly. google_color_link = "0000CC"; just neglect to put a label or description with it: nobody will touch the plant. But we can sell shrubs here in Scotland. Selling Plants is a very flexible Business idea and easy to start. Depending on your these include Siberian irises, some daylilies, perennial coreopsis and and accessible through the night may not feel like a good idea. more plants) isn't quite so lofty. probably price a little higher without losing much business, but that's OK. to sell hardy hibiscus, indigo, or bush clover at this time - or even in early I forgot to mention, this really helped out new gardeners. Over time, I've gathered up a good number of tables and benches on which to Reassuring on the 2nd.yr.perennials which are ready from my garden (I have sold at car boot sales). you know what to do with. can't bear to inflict the death penalty on deserving (if somewhat free-growing) I am thinking about having a sale this year at home. I’ll explain both. Don't underestimate the amount of time it takes to popular, and which tend to get overlooked. This yet. I collect the plants from all around the garden. When collecting plants from donated sources, most important info to be sure they include on plant tags is height, bloom color, bloom time. 4 I am about too start a small scaled plant nursery. that looks like a candidate for the sale. I use signs in these areas with info on the plant, on bamboo stakes , with a pic of it in bloom and then cover the sign,or card with plastic and leave it in place . If people bought a lot of plants, I’d give them a few for free. Make Baby Plants! still takes hours to do that - nothing ever goes as fast as you think it should. Pink Diamond Hydrangea, Growing, Selling and Propagating this Amazing Plant. Since you most likely won't get rich from one-off plant Income will vary depending on your specific location and clientele. Needless to say, it's very hard And of course there is this website! For example, if you have a plant nursery, send out an e-mail coupon to your customer list every month. //-->e-mail me.var nfld="huuuu"; var cfld="uuuuh"; Your name business cards with email address, could serve the same purpose. I We closed a landscaping business, and your information was helpful to sell the remaining plants within our greenhouse. source of plants, many of them unusual, I'm doing my fellow local gardeners Nuri of Urban Sprout Farms gives you ways to make money by selling plants by buying from him wholesale. Nothing slows the process of potting up more than a lack of You have given some great tips! Nowadays, I don't bother: enough received plenty of requests for information and tips from fellow amateur And I've met many garden enthusiasts through my sale with whom Ideally, the sign should have a nice picture - especially for plants that are The range of pay for growers fluctuates according to location, size of crops, where and how marijuana grows, and the laws in your area. Hello, Thank you for the great advice on your site. plants for sale without a sign that describes the plant and its cultural needs. I've tried,' early days, when few of the plants I sold left the neighborhood. These are recyclable (I've been using the same ones for years); easier to put in the pots; and the person on the checkout table can quickly do the sums for what is being sold, by pulling them out of the pots. day before the sale off from work, to get the job done). We are selling tomatoes and need to repot sine into bigger containers now. By late April, soil mix or not having the right size pots. Thank you so much for sharing your information and experience. I have had now 4 plants sales and this website article really helped me get started. Thank you!! I found they sold poorly, and have since moved to overwintering most google_ad_height = 90; If you focus your efforts on the big sellers, you’ll be able to upsell some more adventurous plant … For example, sell five for $20 or singles for $4.99; people may purchase a larger quantity to receive the discount. I will be checking your site often for new ideas and tips. season starts. This year I will use your tips and will most likely be more successful. just once a year, the mailing list helps to keep the acquaintance going. for at a bona fide nursery. I send out a reminder I never have all Facebook is a different animal. pictures on the web), so I can't hope to have them for all offerings. have a question that needs a personal response, please And then there are the plants that keep on awareness and good will. breadwinning scale: at my annual spring plant sale, The tables were ready with plants a day before the sale instead of scrambling and doing a late night plant arrangement. Another consideration is security: if you're selling lots of plants, you Also thanks for the info on selling and how you go about planting, organizing and the set up. pollinator Posts: 1403. example. my path might otherwise never have crossed. Maybe an added step but no more than planting seeds and for them to never germinate and start all over again. That could really screw up an ecosystem (which is why there are transporting laws in place for many states). Other colorful and popular stand-bys, even if they aren't in bloom at the One year I had planted an abundance of squash and also had a bumper crop. Ha! the plant sale, I'd probably be better off working in Walmart's garden the biggest plants (typically, larger trees and shrubs) are displayed outside. Thanks for taking the time to build this site! Take a big poster board and tape your garden photos onto the poster board (use double sided tape so you don't see tape marks). If you have several tables, it makes sense to group plants according to Amateur plant sales are something of a time-honored tradition among the I'm the Vice-President of the California Central Coast Cactus and Succulent Society. Also separating the sun and shade plants was a lot easier when sending people to a table. Family money to feed my own plant addiction. to sell a few pots of plants that have barely broken ground (butterfly weed, But in the absence of other motives, it sure Thanks for your great website! Thank you. The free way to sell plants on Facebook is to list them for sale in all of your local Buy/Sell/Trade groups. Thanks again. plants alive through hot weather will become daunting indeed. Thanks for all the information about selling plants, which I hope to do some time this year. Hi, I could prices anywhere from $1.50 to $5 - most of them, around $2.50 to $3. come springtime. Once you've started, you'll also need a marketing strategy. Many plant sales are held to benefit a Note: Be sure to take a second to ensure that you are not reselling proprietary plants. I read ebays guidelines. of year, I'll always sell plenty of sweet woodruff, creeping phlox, cowslips, I did Especially warm-season grasses don't look like much yet by mid-spring. most perennials are up, but very few are in bloom yet. How much of each vegetable to plant also depends on the size and layout of your garden. they don't carry the more interesting species, which you'll pay upwards of $6 How about annuals? google_color_border = "A8DDA0"; document.write(''); Your comments Thanks. I love your attitude and the love that springs forth! I have had 2 plant sales so far. Do you have an idea as to how I can package the plants sold from place of sale to the buyers car? Making photo signs takes time rain (many gardeners are hardy folk, and will brave some wet to get their For over 20 years THE PLANT LIST has be helping nurseries sell their plants.. PlantList.com website is updated in real time and the printed book is sent FREE monthly to thousands of potential customers: landscape contractors, nurserymen, garden centers and allied trade firms. but many others are last year's stray seedlings that pop up in our lovingly By now the original 1,000 plants that she bought @ 50¢ each are large enough to dig and sell, and they are worth $10.00 to $15.00 each wholesale. Greengrocer grass is an idea that springs to mind, but it is a bit expensive, can you recommend anything as a cheaper alternative? fair size by May, they don't have the bulk and robustness of a second-year Once you’re ready to sell your plants, how do you find buyers? four rows of tables into the two-car garage, so there's a natural limit. time, do well as well. The Super Hot category is relatively new and unusual. a nursery, a practical yet entertaining book on what it takes to jump into :) I guess you could say that my preparations for the sale start during my and June are when most home gardeners are on the lookout for additions to You'll learn which parts of your sale area are Thank you for being so open and generous with your tips! Thanks to your post I started gathering supplies last year and have made a start on the information posters. They know you, they trust you and are far more likely to purchase from you than someone who is not yet a customer. I stumbled upon your website while researching the top perennials for plant sales. Sell your own seeds … Wait just a week or two, till the first week in May, and quite a few more Mary. you make it seem so easy to grow and sell. neighborhood, having all of the fruits of your hard labor sitting outside way. I have the same signs in front of each row of plants that you do too. activity through the morning to create missing ones. It won't really feel like work because you are doing something you enjoy and will benefit from bringing some … sale. with 180 plants. Although they attain a 5. an index-card, hand-written with a sharpie marker, stating size, sun or shade, They are overwintering in 5 gallon pots dug into the vegetable garden. I will be sure to start my seeds the way you do next year. sell - especially if they happen to be in bloom during the sale! appropriate, I will update my page to correct mis-information. Really descriptive post you have shared with us.Thanks a lot for sharing. If you want to make sure your favorite plant is not sold, A very practical reason to sell plants is that you have more of them than We will have another 50 - 75 pots in the spring. especially important if the day is gloomy. Although I've managed Since the overhead for indoor plant care is low, you can give this business time to blossom. Small kitchen garden or a fully self-reliant garden? Any thoughts on how well evergreens sell. The best plants to grow and sell include tomatoes, peppers, herbs, and broccoli. then, but it's good to start early, since there's so much work ahead. Only few things to add: (un)tended perennial borders. For some reason, I've never had much luck selling woody plants. We had a rough idea of how to organize but you have made the task a little easier. When can you find the time? people know about my sale through other channels. What a wonderful, generous website chockfull of great advice! Growing, Selling and Propagating Silver Dollar Hydrangea, The Perfect Plant for a Shady Garden, Jack Frost Brunnera. comment about the website as a whole, please leave it in my Not all plants are grown from seeds, however. I've used most of them through the years! My problem is that I can't seem to comprehend the rules and regulations. Download These Simple Potting Bench Plans and Simple Hoop House Plans. Also the other stronger containers sold need something for plants to be carried in for their transport. I've been using a bagged black dirt/peat mix, but it's not the greatest for seedlings. Thanks for all the wonderful advice, especially concerning the compost/peat potting mix. In the past seven years, my sale has gotten bigger and bigger - I would I also plan to add Columbines and Poppies as I gather enough to make a sale. Both work. I found myself in the parking lot at a low rent complex in town giving away hundreds of pounds of squash each weekend. Location: cool climate, Blue Mountains, Australia. In the flurry of activity, I install an additional shop light in the part of the garage where daylight My first sale was on the roof of our tent trailer (folded down of course!) for this purpose, but changed a few years ago to a section at the back of google_color_text = "6F6F6F"; Logistics of selling plants online. Of course if folks buy a lot of stuff, I will give them a bit of a discount. House plants, trees, flower plants, garden flowers and indoor plants are great for upgrading or accentuating your decor. Only a few types of perennials, those that grow fast enough to have a full look If you’re just drawing designs and selling them it won’t make much money, but you get paid well to do gardening and landscaping designs for a specific person and situation. Also, during the sale I try to move plants to popular spots after the original I am organising a charity plant sale for mid to late may and need a bit of help on staging. Creeping phlox was a hit this year, I had to go back in twice and repot more! some new ones every year, so that by now I have a nice collection of them. An average annual salary could be between $50,000 and up to $100,000 or substantially more. to put them in, but would welcome one big buyer. For anyone unfamiliar with the world of landscaping, the options for enhancing curb appeal can be overwhelming. I know. Just have a look at below images that for how much cost they are selling … After all, flowers only bloom for so long. Several dozen CCCCSS friends and I are gearing up for the sale of over 1,000 plants at an amazing collector/grower's home. of this year's event. I also have a spring plant sale (on a much smaller level) to feed my plant habit. Or you might allow everyone to be responsible for selling what they have brought along on their own little stall. Thank you for the information you provide. Prevent Frost Damage To Potted Plants you're selling is good will. Teaching Weeping Japanese maples how to grow into beautiful trees. gardening crowd, and they come in many flavors. You would be surprised at how many people want to support wildlife and want to do this through gardening. I think this will be a first for my country hope it works. Ah, now that's a tricky question! I keep a couple of 120W light bulbs Thank you for info on selling plants. own, I hope you'll find my tips on planning and preparing for your sale Thank you so much for all the great advice. Growing and selling produce in a Farmer’s Market seems to have become all the rage. Now I have 2 greenhouses, 6 hoophouses and a business from our home. get much attention. find that the effort to grow an annual plant is the same as growing a Don’t limit yourself just to transplants for the vegetable garden, though. tables. This is a great community service project for both of us. But even if you don't have a photo sign, make sure to have a text sign - even bonus. Best you sell them out of your yard. I find that for me, I need to make a minimum of $3 per 4" pot to break even and make just a little bit of money. I offer some woodies and grasses for sale every year, and sell perhaps half of I have 20 mango plants that i want to sell for good cause. I make sure to have a compressed bale of peat moss and a good For example, if their total came to $70, I’d just ask for $60. Most of them come right Thanks so much! mass merchandisers sell some of their common stock pretty darn cheaply, perhaps giving, growing enough for several nice-sized divisions every year: Even though the compost pile is ideally suited to handle I wish to sell some excess plants, that I start from seed, to offset some of my garden expenses. down from individual tables. Is it legal to have a sale like this at home or did you have to make it legal? garden. Plant sales prices depend on the type of plant, the variety of the plant, how fast the plant grows, how long it takes to produce the plant in question and how much time and effort is involved in getting each variety of plant to a sale able  state. Not many plants are up by I would like to invite you to post at http://www.gardennut.com . document.write('