else { There’s an entire segment of the accounting and finance industry dedicated to tax. Employers need knowledgeable accountants and finance professionals who can harness automation tools in a strategic way. One of the most relevant technical accounting skills for a competitive candidate is the ability to help a company manage and employ said data to its advantage. var validInput = 0; // Other form "thank you" pages // Salary Guide form "thank you" pages setTimeout(function () { These skills will be of great use to anyone working in accounting and actuarial work, as these careers require workers to sift through huge amounts of data to spot patterns, … Are you waiting until January to start job hunting? 'OnetrustActiveGroups': OnetrustActiveGroups Candidates who can demonstrate knowledge and proficiency in predictive analytics, accounts payable automation, SAP accounting software or Oracle will find themselves in-demand. One way of doing this is through data query skills, and one such data query language is SQL. }); // end ready IBF Careers Connect provides career advisory and job matching services for finance professionals looking to better understand the hiring trends, skills required for specific jobs, and relevant training programmes to enhance their employability. So, how do you know whether your resume will reach the top of the pile or is destined to fall short? CommunicationOptIn = 'candidate'; If you're a qualified candidate looking for your next job opportunity, please click "Candidates" above to see our current openings or email your resume to us at connect@4cornerresources.com. 2. the CompetenCies required oF FinanCe proFessionals In this report we shall concentrate first on identifying the activities that feed the need for specific business and technical skills and competencies as perceived by finance professionals themselves, and then contrast this with the perceptions of the senior non-finance These platforms help organizations take raw data and turn it into visualizations and other meaningful forms of information that can be used to make decisions. jQuery("#formContainer").hide(); CommunicationOptIn = 'client'; For accounting and finance professionals, the ability to build successful relationships with customers is critical if you want to excel. 'CommunicationOptIn': CommunicationOptIn jQuery('input[name="utmCampaign"]').val(gup('utm_campaign').replace(/\+/g, ' ')); When it comes to being the best financial professional you can be, here are 8 skills that really count when pursuing your career in finance: 1. Analytical Skills . Indeed, if you can tick most of these boxes, you just might be one of finance’s most sought-after professionals. [CDATA[// >