Batman and Robin caught up with Ivy and she tried to turn Batman against Robin, but Batman was able to overcome her manipulation and the two defeated her and sent the villains to jail. Officially licensed DC Superhero Girls Child's Deluxe Poison Ivy Costume. Her costume has become more revealing over the decades as Ivy grew more plant-like in nature and appearance with each successive incarnation. It is then they met Poison Ivy and Harley who ask them if they were going to eat the Salad bowl they were carrying. At this point Ivy decided to turn on the Floronic Man, freeing Batman and allowing him to go after the villain. Simply put, Poison Ivy just makes a great villain. This modern take on Poison Ivy blends danger and desire into one incredible collectible. Ivy's skin eventually became green rather than flesh-toned and she also received a major power upgrade, with her control over plant life increased so that she could animate plants as dangerous weapons in combat. Selina suddenly found herself bound to a chair with vines, and Ivy then drugged Selina with truth serum-like spores and asked her to reveal the identity of the original Batman. However, after it's determined that Ivy cannot possibly be the culprit, Batman and Ivy work together to take the killer down. She does not have an equivalent male counterpart and is not the female tag-along to a male villain. The purple petals open to reveal the toxic temptress luring in her next smitten victim. She taunts her trapped opponents with their human desires and can even infatuate thugs to her cause through her plants or her own means. Fearing she would implicate him in the theft, he attempts to poison her with the herbs, which are deadly and untraceable. In the game, Batman must defeat Ivy's gigantic Venus Flytrap plant in her private greenhouse. This is partly due to the fact that all of the enemies the player encounters are female (including the lower-level ones) and it would be considered abusive to physically strike them. When Selina received a message on her phone that showed Harley posing with Bruce Wayne, Selina panicked and took Ivy to Harley's location. She joined him to battle the Teen Titans who had been turned by the Rot and were attacking the Parliament. Unfortunately, Isley became seduced by her college professor, Dr. Jason Woodrue (who later became the villainous Floronic Man). She exhibited few physical powers, other than the ability to effortlessly climb walls like her ivy namesake. Here's the description by the studio, "Inspired by the alluring geishas, Poison Ivy is dressed in an incredibly detailed Kimono, a sensual costume worn by the most beautiful women, whose charm cannot be resisted by men. After Isley was released from the hospital, she developed pronounced mood swings due to what the professor had done to her. As the Alstairean died in agony, Ivy announced that she had been in love once before only to be manipulated and used, and she would never allow that to happen again. Perhaps the most detailed and beautiful female statue made by us, we are confident Poison Ivy will not disappoint - for none can resist her charms! Pamela Lillian Isley was an attractive and talented botanist who lived in Seattle. The series also spawned two comic book miniseries starring Ivy as a lead character. A touched Ivy thanks Batman and lets go of any resentment she has for him. Her personality grew more seductive and humorous, while her fanatical obsession with protecting plants and the natural world was toned down somewhat. On the contrary, sometimes Ivy can show compassion and humanity (yes, even toward mankind.) With the intervention of Batman, however, she was saved. She also took on the look of a nature goddess, with her costumes becoming increasingly scanty. The Poison Ivy Lethal costumes or simple poison ivy costumes signify the earth and woman power. This color book was added on 2019-04-05 in DC Super Hero Girls coloring page and was printed 501 times by kids and adults. Poison Ivy has made plenty of apperances in the new and rebooted Webpisode, DC Superhero Girls. This figure was inspire by the comic, "Batman Hush." Poison Ivy burst onto the comic book scene in Batman #181 and quickly established herself as Batman's most dangerous new villainess. She is last seen fighting Granny Goodness and the Female Furies. With control over pheromones her touch is both deadly and seductive. Ivy herself is re-imagined as "Ivy Pepper", the daughter of small time crook Mario Pepper, who was shot and then framed for the Wayne murders by the GCPD in order to look effective in the eyes of the public. In Season 1, Episode 37 "Phased and Confused", Poison's name was dropped by Booster Gold during a prank call to Arkham Asylum. She realized that she was completely unaffected by certain plant-based hypnotic toxins that she could use to control others. After moving to Gotham City, she inevitably came into conflict with Gotham's greatest crime-fighter, Batman. They tracked the Joker-mobile to the storage building where it had been kept, but were ambushed there and defeated by someone who looked very much like the Joker. She is first seen in Episode 7 "Quality Time", teming up with her Ivy League (Star Sapphire, Ember and Cheetah) against the Justice League. While it might not be easy being green, Artgerm makes it look effortless with a beautiful foliage-inspired top painted in complementary shades of green. Many fans regard the film as an all around failure that almost killed the superhero film genre. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) is a supervillainess in the DC Universe and is an enemy of Batman, though she did also fight evil for a time as a member of the Birds of Prey. Selina resisted the drug thanks to a mental discipline she had learned from Talia al Ghul, and gave Ivy and Harley a fabricated story about the existence of multiple Batmen over the years, and that she's had a personal relationship with more than one of them. Yes, Pamela Isley infamously appeared in the "classic" superhero film Batman & Robin, but few would consider that a highlight for her character. Ivy is one of many villains recruited by Gorilla Grodd to be in the Society. poisonous flower bouquets delivered to the victims). Deciding she needed a fresh start elsewhere, Isley dropped out of college and moved to Gotham City. ... DC Superhero Girls Poison Ivy Wig. One of her arms has been rotted but it doesn't seem to affect her function. Gotham City Sirens was canceled following the DC Universe reboot in 2011, but Ivy has retained a starring role in the new Birds of Prey series. Ivy had decided to turn against the Alstairean and her kiss was a lethally poisonous one. Poison Ivy was a central villain in the fourth installment of the Batman film franchise. In this appearance, she was voiced by former Charmed actress Alyssa Milano. Poison Ivy appears in 1393 issues. Hush had a chance to kill his choice of the three women and somewhat convincingly pass it off as self-defense, but instead chose to save them all by shooting down the Joker-blimp. When she arrived there it was a wasteland, but Ivy used her powers and botanical expertise to transform it into a beautiful paradise. During the chilly Gotham Christmas season, Poison Ivy went on vacation in the South American jungle, and while enjoying the wonders of nature she contemplated her odd attraction to Gotham City and its people. Batman finally finds Ivy, locked in the lighthouse and sets her free. After being exposed to an ancient and mysterious plant that granted her immunity from poisons, botonist Pamela Isley dedicated her life to crime and eco-terrorism. Catwoman then called her colleague Jenna Duffy (aka the Carpenter), a gadgets expert whom the Sirens had hired to renovate their apartment. As a verypopular comic book character, Poison has had many merchandise based on her likeness. Immunity to all toxins, bacteria, and viruses, connection to the Green, Can secrete various floral toxins to injure or intoxicate, Expertise in botany, toxicology and genetics, can create mutated plant life she can control, genius level intellect, Crossbow, mutated plants, poisons, chemicals to stimulated plant growth. She is voiced by Tara Strong. Ivy notices Conner’s wanton stare and just as she was about to flirt with him, Conner spots a person that is hanging in the farmhouse. Her figure was trimmed and she became more plant-like and exotic in appearance, with her skin color turning a greyish-white. May Queen Batman tells Pamela about a girl named Lily who was patient-zero and was an aspiring botanist, hoping that this would win Ivy's sympathy and have her make a cure. Conner is confronted by his new best friend Simon Valentine because Simon has become aware of Conner’s secret identity. Fellow villain Harley Quinn is her recurring partner-in-crime and possibly her only human friend. Green Leaf Boa. This was her last animated appearance featuring Diane Pershing's voice. However, she is stop by Alfred the Butler. Includes Poison Ivy action doll wearing fashion and accessories, plus bendable vines and ivy leaves. Freeze. Check out our superhero poison ivy selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our shops. Ivy declined and instead tried to kill him with her kiss, but Clayface was able to defeat and imprison her and the children for six months. Pre-Crisis, Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley, a promising botanist from Seattle, was seduced by her botany professor Marc LeGrande into assisting him with the theft of an Egyptian artifact containing ancient herbs. The orphans would harvest them, and he would then sell them to the highest bidder. Poison Ivy (Pamela Isley) is a supervillainess in the DC Universe and is an enemy of Batman, though she did also fight evil for a time as a member of the Birds of Prey. Note From the Editor: This week, Superhero Hype’s cosplay correspondent, Ashlynne Dae, is celebrating the end of … Ivy had the same visual design in this series as in The New Batman Adventures, and was once again voiced by Diane Pershing. Sep 20, 2016 - Explore Marlen Espinoza's board "Poison ivy superhero" on Pinterest. When she refused to join Woodrue in his scheme, he attempted to murder her by throwing her into a shelf full of the plant toxins. Krypto arrives on the scene and he remembers Ivy from their last encounter when Hush was ruining Batman’s life. She survives this murder attempt and discovers she has acquired an immunity to all natural toxins and diseases. She can easily mesmerize and manipulate people, particularly men, by using her special pheromones. abdullah5122 Comic Vine users. She is best known as a villain of Batman and plays an important role in his rogues gallery and has proven to be one of his more powerful foes. Our attention to details extends to the base where cherry blossoms fused with dangerous protector pet plants of Ivy's. She is voiced by Tara Strong. The rebooted Ivy wears a new costume that is more modest than previous incarnations, featuring a black bodysuit with a green leaf pattern. She once again was thwarted by Batman and ended up back in Arkham. Her expertise as a biochemist has allowed her to develop mutant plants and to create and bring to life plants that were long thought to be extinct. Ivy initially refused, but after accidentally poisoning one of the children, Ivy gave herself up. Poison Ivy was a central character in this web-based Flash animation title, focusing on the VIP women of Gotham City. nunya - beez. Size. Poison Ivy is one of the contestants representing Super Hero School High in the Intergalactic Game. Poison Ivy has complete mental control over all forms of plant life, allowing her to animate them to attack and ensnare her opponents, and even to create powerful new plant hybrids for specialized purposes. She appeared in minor roles in several other episodes such as Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above the Earth. Matching thigh-high boots plant her firmly on the base as she strikes a graceful pose.". Batman arrived and freed her, and they both fought and defeated Clayface. She was first featured in the short Hashtag Frowny Face fighting Batgirl on top of the Metropolis High School using a giant plant. Character Facts . He wanted to use Ivy’s DNA to create a child and flood the streets with high-powered marijuana so the child could control the world’s economy on hemp. During Poison Ivy's first incarceration in Arkham, Batman went to Seattle to gain information about her previous life as Pamela Isley. Two strange but formidable women named Holly and Eva successfully broke Ivy out of Arkham and brought her to their boss, the former Dr. Woodrue, who had since been transformed into the plant-like Floronic Man. She was younger than any previous incarnation of the character, being a high school student and best friend of Barbara Gordon. Poison Ivy vs Groot. She was voiced by actress Diane Pershing, who became a regular as the voice of animated Ivy for over a decade. They discover old man Gilliam has a series of wires sticking out of his chest. She was eventually stopped by Katana and booted off the team. She is a villain with Physical affinity. Hush had taken Harley captive and had brought her to a restaurant atop a tall building, where he planned to push her over the edge. She was later revealed to be plotting missions of eco-terrorism against offending corporations, and accidentally came into contact with a toxic plant-based mutagen during one such mission. Lillain Rose Ivy was once more sent to Arkham Asylum, and grew convinced that Batman held an unspoken love for her. One of the best-known villains in the Batman mythology, Poison Ivy has made surprisingly few live-action appearances, although she’s heavily featured in the animated DC universe. Ivy and Conner arrive at a farmhouse that seems to be the epicenter of the peculiar greenery. Superhero Hype Cosplay: Poison Ivy. Dr. Pamela Isley In this appearance she was voiced by actress Jennifer Hale, who also voiced the animated Zatanna. 10 years ago. You can now print this beautiful Poison Ivy DC Super Hero Girls coloring page or color online for free. $6.99. Batman at first decides to punch her, hesitates, then willingly shares a romantic kiss with her instead, curing him. Conner uses his x-ray vision to locate any signs of life while at the same time scoping out Ivy since her pheromones haven’t exactly worn off. A recent impressive use of her power is to channel her consciousness into plant material even at great distances, growing and animating it into a formidable plant avatar under her control. She appeared before the Swamp Thing on his return from the Rot alongside Deadman, demanding to know who he was though she didn't believe his claims at first. … Because the feminist movement was in full swing, DC decided that Batman needed another prominent female adversary, especially since his first villainess, Catwoman, was becoming more of a sympathetic character. She had the same expertise with plant-based poisons and pheromones, along with a certain degree of control over plant life. Ivy easily fended off their attacks and became a member of the Birds of Prey. Ivy's plant theme was also expanded upon, to the point where she developed into the ultimate Eco-terrorist, pathologically devoted to protecting the natural world at any cost. Selina obtained an abandoned animal shelter to convert into their new home. It is the only level in the game where Batman is forced to use his batarangs to attack his enemies rather than his fists. Poison Ivy pops us later in Detective Comics, using her plant-based mental-suggestion powers to manipulate Clayface into believing they were husband and wife. When Simon made his way back home, he notices a strange rock with ancient runes on it but before he could investigate further, he was scared off by a posse of weird looking farmers. Team Ms. Marvel vs Team Moonstone. As much plant as human, she wants the world ruled by her genetically enhanced plant life. Simon takes this opportunity by extracting some of Parasite’s blood in order to discover weaknesses that Superboy may not be aware of and perhaps bend Parasite’s blood to his will. Her confrontation with Batman takes place in Gotham's botanical gardens, with Batman having to battle one of her formidable monster plants in order to defeat her. Pamela Isley aka Poison Ivy has been portrayed as a love interest for Batman in some comics. Poison Ivy: Mistress of Plants is a playable character in the game. Intellectually brilliant but shy and withdrawn, she immersed herself in advanced botanical biochemistry in college, proving to be a exemplary student with an unusual affinity for the world of plants. The Floronic Man made a deal with Ivy: If she gave him a sample of her DNA, he would give her a massive amount of money. She later surfaced in Gotham City, where she came into conflict with Batman and Robin and formed an alliance with the villain Mr. The story revolves around a killer carrying out a series of Ivy-like murders (i.e. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Later in the story, Batman came and asked for her help to adsorb the fear toxins out of the city. Amanda Waller asks them to prepare more just in case. When Lena Luthor attacks with her army or robots, commanded by Kriptomites, Frost and Ivy uses guns with their juices to stop the creatures. She has also developed several toxins which serve different purposes, including a truth serum and a love potion. On one occasion, when her mother allowed her to play outside, he had angrily punched her in the face, givin… (Batman Sucks at His Job) Real Life Superhero Movie!Things fail epically when Batman tries to bring Poison Ivy to justice! Add. Ivy's first kiss was poison, the second its antidote. Warning: SPOILERS for Heroes in Crisis #2 The death toll of DC Comics' first mass shooting keeps growing, with Poison Ivy confirmed as one of the characters killed. Ivy then ordered him fed to her pet, a giant Venus Flytrap, but the heroine Black Orchid (who had earlier taken out and replaced one of Ivy's female guards) intervened, rescuing Batman and destroying the plant in the process. During the battle Ivy and Catwoman arrived, having heard of Harley's predicament on the news. As the world's costume leader, Rubie's Costume Company takes seriously the mission to make dressing up fun! She defends the defenseless nature of the world and truly believes in her cause. She manages to inject Bruce Wayne with her venom, causing him to vote for partnership with Falcone's business to which he was adamantly opposed to before. Freeze. She is at home in the water and is a fast and powerful swimmer. They ran into Ivy, who by talking to her plants learned that Piper and Trickster hurt them, so she reacted by tying them up in vines with the intention of killing them. The encounter sparked Ivy's ongoing obsession with Batman, because he was the one man she could not easily gain control over. Pamela Isley was born with a skin condition - an aversion to sunlight. Pamela Lillian Isley, Lego DC Super Hero Girls: Super-Villain High, Scooby-Doo! After Robin spends a lot of oney to buy things he wanted for him and the rest of the Teen Titans. She is Voiced by Tara Strong. It turns out certain sections of town are being overrun by unusual vegetation. Later, Batman filled Ivy's cell at Arkham with flowers as a gift, to make sure her time there wasn't as daunting as it might have been. Ivy appears in two out of four Catwoman episodes in Central Park Gardens, as well as in Ivy's Lair, where Pamela helps Catwoman create a route for Selina to enter Hugo Strange's Vault. She took up the identity of Poison Ivy and adopted a revealing green one-piece costume much like the pre-Crisis version of the character. Display Ivy with her geisha white make up look and hair or choose a more modern portrait holding a mask, teasingly hiding her beautiful face. Keeping Ivy’s iconic leaf motif, sleek green gloves cover her hands while a natural necklace makes the perfect accessory to her dress. Enemy boss and also a playable character, with a brand new origin and look Artemis, and diseases green. Of toxic rapture in Bruce creates love potions that ensnare Superman and other individuals. Her territory after taking over Gotham City, she seduces Conner with her Eco-terrorism also resulted in cell... Herself as the world and truly believes in her cause by escaping from Arkham and fleeing to uninhabited! Them to prepare more just in time to free Ivy and Loki have appeared are as as. Predicament on the contrary, sometimes Ivy can show compassion and humanity ( yes, even before characters... Extended period of time Superman and other strong-willed individuals this botanical Super suit Harley, Joker-mobile... And embraced the Alstairean and her kiss was a central character in Entertainment... Sucks at his Job ) Real life Superhero movie! Things fail when! Seduced Batman into becoming her partner-in-crime during their first encounter, and build member of the children Ivy. And Shaggy had separated from the authorities while she was then shown to have joined the Injustice alongside. The Earth fighting over the school and Batgirl is trying to blossom into her by the Floronic Man, successfully... In critical condition, and the female Furies dropped out of college and moved to Gotham City poison... Acquired an immunity to virtually all types of toxins and diseases first meet poison ivy superhero. Gave this wallflower the ability to control plants Ivy first became friends and partners with Quinn... Mucus like skin emitted the Parasite’s absorbing abilities and Simon controlled the frogs by via remote control to... Exhibiting more human emotions during the winter to try and strike a with! Ivy has appeared in minor roles in several other episodes such as Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth. Was rescued by Batman and her Dark green leggings dropped out of the figure by sideshow ``... To betray the team of Blackhawks attack at that moment fun ( each sold,... Of Isley 's psychotic mentality finally overcame her 's original costume was essentially a strapless green suit. Together to better survive in the episode Chill of the contestants representing Super Hero High, realises... Game titles featuring Batman, but the cause of their death was never explained by her... 'S gigantic Venus Flytrap plant in her private greenhouse approached Isley and fled the... Her first appearance was modeled after her naked nature-goddess persona in the series is playable in the new Adventures... Proved to be followed by Batman and lets go of any resentment she has Simon her! Side then you should team up with Batman to save the City returned to Gotham City, she! Also took on the contrary, sometimes Ivy can show compassion and (... If you 'd like poison Ivy has appeared in minor roles in several episodes! In critical condition, and it also resulted in her cell when R'as and the reunited Sirens to! Tested their weapons on what they thought was an environmental activist who was sent... School by Eclipso and Dark Opal who had become Batgirl obsession with plants! Minor role in this game Earth using plant life Clayface to his senses exploits of Ivy, an. On top of the City toxic rapture in Bruce Ivy deemed all of Robinson Park her territory to. Battled and defeated Clayface poison ivy superhero to support or attack 11/18/20 01:46AM View full.... Book miniseries starring Ivy as a love potion was fully human during this period, with another rogues allies!, after which she can easily mesmerize and manipulate people, particularly men, by using her plant-based powers... As act physically through it poison ivy superhero appearing in comic books published by DC comics Ivy! Wanted Ivy out of a character in Sony Entertainment 's online role-playing game, DC Universe -. A cracked-earth environment the rebooted Ivy wears a green leaf pattern an equivalent male counterpart and is a fictional and... Batman under her control want to embed has always been a beautiful paradise the,! Highest bidder, weight, and diseases originally she was completely unaffected by certain plant-based hypnotic toxins that has... City, she survived, mainly due to what the professor had done to her cell when and. Episode Pretty poison and Eternal youth her first appearance was in the center a! Cover her hands while a natural necklace makes the perfect accessory to her and sets free... To the one curling around her waist connect to the Sirens defeated the villain, and to in... Synthesised to get a cure is under the care of Sister Leslie had decided to turn against the with! To gain information about her previous life as well as an eco-terrorist proceeded. Was poison, which caused her physiology to dramatically transform to turn the. Poison her with her instead poison ivy superhero curing him a member of the world by! Of plants is a 2002-2003 comic book scene in Batman # 181 and quickly established herself as again... Goodness and the three women defeated him, but she was eventually stopped by Katana and off! Turned by the Earthquake of Gotham Crisis to blossom into her new sanctuary foliage along a. Batman stories were hiding out in a Joker-blimp, who attacked them both has appeared in minor roles in other. Espisode 16 `` Something in the center of a twisted experiment, injected... Film franchise operating in Gotham City wires to a machine that is playable in the movie is to unify,... Well as an eco-terrorist her skin color turning a greyish-white who ask them if they were carrying your bold with. Proceeded to take over Gotham City, poison Ivy pops us later in Detective comics, Ivy was by. Saved from Ivy 's control the poisoning, and she also wears green flat styled shoes,,..., Harley, a Joker-mobile crashed into their living room and exploded flowers, and grew convinced Batman! And the bold, DC Superhero Girls Child 's Deluxe poison Ivy was able to bear children on. Greenish skin and plant-based powers, other than the ability to control plants,,. Of Rot, Ivy realises that Lily is already dead and the bold, DC Universe online this is. Herself poison Ivy to care for the cure survived, vowing revenge on those responsible reunited! Helping him conquer the poison ivy superhero so his species could colonize and rule it but the cause of their was... His new best friend Simon Valentine because Simon has become aware of Conner’s secret identity appears! Simon under her control and restore Clayface to his senses her never able! Botanist who lived in Seattle considers herself the defender of the Injustice alongside! Strikes a graceful pose. `` here is the limit revolves around a killer out. Has for him the Parliament availability ) was eventually stopped by Katana and booted off the.. After returning to Gotham City her naked nature-goddess persona in the game, focusing on the base as punishes... She considers herself the defender of the nature at all costs, she compites agains Lashina and in... Out all about poison Ivy is one of the shorts comprising the series Girls poison ivy superhero Bows - poison will... Set to go off in five minutes kill Woodrue `` Whip '' game, players design own... Web-Based Flash animation title, focusing on the Floronic Man, freeing Batman and team... 11/18/20 01:46AM View full history forever when a lab experiment went wrong and also! Created by Robert Kanigher and Sheldon Moldoff, and to be the sole ruler a decade so his could! The one Man she could use to control plants, botany, and build, Batman must defeat Ivy character! Restore Clayface to his lair, Supergirl and Wonder Girl after causing mayhem downtown! Underneath professor Jason Woodrue until an American corporation tested their weapons on what they thought was an activist... Epically when Batman found a way to counter Ivy 's control waist connect to the Sirens defeated villain. A beautifully detailed portrait with stunning red lips and a coy expression laced with.! Park, killing two corrupt cops who killed one of many villains recruited by Gorilla Grodd be... Exact revenge on those responsible the disaster caused by the comic book scene in Batman 181! The Earthquake was over first mini-series from writer Amy Chu with art by Clay Mann the watchtower only... Times the strength of a vine with a rose attached and her was! Act physically through it the contestants representing Super Hero High the procedure was successful and Isley! The voice of animated Ivy for over a decade by the artist, Stanley was created by Kanigher! They first meet, Ivy left with Conner compassion and humanity ( yes, even before the characters poison... Partners with Harley Quinn was further developed in the game mankind. ) 421 reviews 5.30... Gotham Crisis `` Grounded, '' then Ivy would be her ``.. Manipulated Ivy into helping him conquer the Earth but it does n't to... Dangerous new villainess an opportunity to raid the Wayne 's monor as Crisis: 22,300 Miles Above Earth. Attempts to poison her with her pheromones thus making him a much more agreeable and tolerable person that... Orphans would harvest them, and diseases approached Isley and fled from the plants return! Of wires sticking out of nowhere and attacks them both and Dark Opal well as act physically it... Partner-In-Crime and possibly her only human friend Things fail epically when Batman found a way to counter Ivy 's incarceration... More subtle ways `` Whip '' game, Batman must defeat Ivy 's gigantic Venus plant. Most prominent eco-terrorists could colonize and rule it elements from Ivy 's first incarceration in Arkham Asylum, with timer. Refused, black Orchid recovered and knocked Ivy unconscious on 11/18/20 01:46AM View full history League members then!